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Food with a bitter truth

Around 6 Years back, we began researching organic cultivation and studying the Indian organic produce market. We found that the level of ignorance about the source of food in India is extremely high and the inclination to find out about it is low, owing to low ticket size and repetitive, high frequency of purchase. Organic retailers preyed on this, making specious claims about the exotic provenance of produce to quote premium prices. We also learnt that organic retailers are largely distributors, not growers of the produce they sell, 


making them equally unaware of how and where it is grown. Later we started doing our own farming. Slowly stared from small land and Spread over 500 acres, we practices chemical-free agriculture, selling plenty of varieties of seasonal produce in different categories – fruits, vegetables, greens, exotics to clients that include large corporates, retail chains, independent organic suppliers We do purely organic framing . We never compromised on delivering the best quality products. 

Going where the customer is

In a country with low awareness of organic farming and a highly unorganised fragmented organic food market, businesses like farm2fridge help in educating farmers and consumers about sustainable farming and healthy food. “We are at the cusp something wonderful,” says Venkat.

Fixed Prices

Generally, the middlemen and wholesale businessmen purchase the Agricultural products from the farmers at a lower price. They also get the commission from the farmers for the transactions made.



In turn, fresh vegetables and fruits purchased at the lower price from the farmers are sold out to retail businessmen at higher price and the retail businessmen sell those Agricultural Products further at higher price to the consumers. As a result, the farmers get only the lower price for their produce whereas the consumers have to pay higher price for the same produce. 

Solution to the fair price to be paid to the farmer, we pay fixed prices to them by taking last 5 years of average in relation to the crop period, add cost of living index of the current year plus a premium to organic produce. It comes around 35 to 40% more than the market price. No commissions to the farmers. Therefore our model helps all the partner farmers are ensured of market fluctuations .

We collect fixed prices from the customers. We have 3 seasons in a year so we change prices with season.
Our USP (Unique Selling Point) is Fixed Pricing Model. Fixed Rates to pay & Fixed rates to collect.

Free Door Delivery.

Absolutely free home delivery. 

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